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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is hypnosis or hypnotherapy? How does it work?

Hypnosis is a combination of trance, focus, and intention. Trance is a natural brain state in which the unconscious part of the mind is accessed. When in this state, the right side of our brains becomes extremely active, increasing neuro-plasticity, creating the ideal environment to literally rewire our brains. When introducing focus and intention towards a specific goal while experiencing this state, my clients have found fast, permanent results.

2. What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnosis can help with...

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Trauma & Anxiety

  • Stress Management

  • Personal Growth

  • Creative Blocks

  • Insomnia

  • Motivation

  • Confidence

  • Pain Managment

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Unwanted Habits

  • Weight Management

  • Physical Wellness

  • Grief & Depression

  • Spiritual Growth

... And More!

3. Can anyone be hypnotized?

To put it simply, yes. Everyone of us experiences trance in one way or another on a daily basis. It’s simply a matter of tapping into that state with intention and direction to allow for profound change.

4. Is hypnotherapy covered by insurance?

In my experience, insurance companies usually will not cover hypnotherapy services. However, I am happy to provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company in hopes of reimbursement.

4. Is hypnotherapy covered by insurance?

5. Can hypnotherapy be done remotely or online?

Absolutely! Hypnotherapy can have the same positive impact online as it can in person.  I offer zoom sessions for people located outside of traveling distance of where I practice: the Victory Mindset office in Camp Hill, PA.

6. How can I learn more and get started?

6. How can I get started?

Step 1: Schedule Your Consultation - 


During your consultation, we’ll discuss what you would like to work on, go over our process, and answer any questions you may have about my services in order to get started.


Step 2: Schedule Your Session - 


These sessions can be booked with Michelle directly during or after a consultation.

In these sessions, we get results. Unlike traditional approaches, our goal is to solve the problem in as much or as little time as that takes. Please be prepared to spend the full two hours together, but don't be surprised if we wrap things early. If it isn't enough time, we'll set up additional sessions for no additional cost.

Whether you attend the session online or in person, please come to it comfortable, hydrated, and open to healing.

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