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" I saw Michelle for a hypnotherapy session and the first word that comes to mind is WOW! I have been battling with anxiety and cardiophobia (fear of having a heart attack) for years now. We have had one session and my anxiety has lessened tremendously. Highly recommend. "

-Tania B.

" Michelle was perfect! I was stuck with negative beliefs and realized I needed a change. (Michelle at) Victory Mindset guided my subconscious beliefs and helped me create a new life foundation for my mind to change through. It worked for me and I hope it works for you! "

-Zach H.

" I have tried just about every possible thing to stop biting my nails and was referred to Victory Mindset. I met with Michelle and went through a hypnotherapy appointment with her. I have not even remotely bitten my nails in the last 2 days and even in a stressful day at work and throughout normal triggers, I have been able to work through biting my nails and using other techniques to avoid the habit. Thank you so much Michelle and (I) look forward to further appointments with you on other things we talked about. "

-Jenn Q.

" Can't recommend this place enough, Michelle has made such a significant beneficial change in my life! "

-Olivia D.

" I am so glad that I decided to try hypnotherapy with Michelle. I needed help to deal with the fear and anxiety I felt when riding my horse. What a difference one session has made! The change was immediate. I feel relaxed and confident now when I ride. Michelle was great - so supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend her. "

-Nicole C.

" Highly recommend!!! Michelle is amazing! Our first visit which was scheduled to be a 30 min. consult turned into a 2 hour consult. She really took the time to get to know me and took a personal interest in my life! ... I went into this treatment with a completely open mind and it was absolutely incredible how effective Michelle's treatment was/is. I never thought I would get past my childhood trauma as it has been something that I've carried my entire life. I cannot recommend Michelle enough! This entire process has been fascinating!! I've learned so much and am so so grateful for the treatment Michelle provides! Truly a game changer!! "

-Brianna C.

" Beyond Imagination! Words can't describe how I feel right now. I was struggling with my trauma about my dad and other issues. However, after my session with Michelle, somehow I felt peace and I am having different experience. I am able to accept things that happened to me as IT IS and handle situations better today without sacrificing my comfort. The crazy part is I am no longer crying or hurt when I am telling stories about my past and now it seems I am telling someone else's stories, not mine. Thank you Michelle and Victory Mindset, you have no idea how you changed my life. You gave me peace.  "

-Valerie R.

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